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Write-it-yourself letter (blank)
If you think you've got what it takes to be a ghostwriter for Santa, this is the choice for you. Send it to anyone you choose—get as creative as you want.
The Secret of Christmas
Santa uses this special letter to explain that the Secret of Christmas is giving. It's a powerful message for a child to receive from the world's best known giver of gifts.
Good Deeds and a Wish List
Santa has been sending this ageless letter to good little boys and girls for many years. It lets them know that Santa has been watching and noting their good deeds.
Milk and Cookies
Every child knows that Santa loves cookies. This letter confirms the tradition of leaving cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve.
First Christmas (for an infant)
This letter from Santa on a child’s first Christmas expresses love and his wishes for future happiness. It is certain to become a cherished childhood memento.
Christmas Remembrance
Remind someone of memories of shared Christmases past through the words of the man who shares everyone's Christmas, Santa.
Naughty or Nice? (for grownups)
Want to remind friends and family that Santa is still watching and checking his list? This letter cites examples of behavior that Santa considers naughty and encourages improvement.
Charity and Giving Reminder (for grownups)
Let the world's number one philanthropist remind someone about the magical, meaningful importance of giving.
A Gift of Love (to a spouse or significant other)
While saying "I love you" might be difficult to put into words in person it still needs to be said. Santa offers some help through this heartfelt letter.
Lump of Coal Notification (for grownups)
Santa is checking his list twice and there's no doubt that the recipient of this letter will find some carbon in their stocking this year.
The Gift of Success (for co-workers and business associates)
Santa congratulates someone on their success or commits to delivering success in the new year.